Why I’m Running

We all must do more.

Between 2008 and 2016, I became complacent. I took it for granted that our leaders would take care of us, and would have our best interests at heart. Although Texas has always been conservative, our elected officials were reasonable, and kept extreme partisanship at bay. These days are behind us. Cooperation is a thing of the past, and empty political rhetoric has replaced real participation. I’m running to help reverse this trend.

Our courts are special. They function as a check on extremism, and operate to make sure that people are able to get a fair shake irrespective of their power and influence. Our district courts are wonderful and are functioning as they should. At the appellate level, though, people are having a hard time hanging on to the justice they fought for at the district court level. This isn’t how it should be. Appellate courts should respect the difficult decisions reached by our district court judges and juries. They are our “factfinders,” and are in the best position to make the tough calls. They deserve deference and respect. All too often they don’t get it. I’m running to fix this.